Never fail a unity project again

  • Lightweight – minimal overhead, optimized memory usage, Zero garbage collection policy
  • Simplicity – built with workflow in mind, developers of any level can integrate quickly into their projects
  • Maintainability – effortless long term development because no specific serialization or editor code is used, code is open for extension.
  • Documented – all common examples and frequent questions already answered

Growing list of modules

Saving & loading

Define complex data structure and auto save anything, without a frame drop.


Allow your player to quickly swap between language with easy to manage system.


Recycle efficiently your objects and classes without leaking on frame


Define your items, define loot boxes, chests, Player inventories...

Multiplatform Input

One implementation of the input working flawlessly on every platforms

Sound Manager

Play tons of sounds, fade them track their progress, separate them into groups...


Panels with rich animations and sounds, notification dialogues boxes, tons of components.


Define your currencies let player spend them and auto update your Ui, define starting values.


Let your player create local users that contain saved files as data slots & switch profile anytime.


Players can fine tweak their games or developer can define automated configuration of performance within minutes

Scene loader

Efficiently manage scene loading with optional animation during loading.


Many extension method and classes to make your coding faster cleaner and more maintainable

Constantly growing library of free plugins

Take advantage of FOUNDATION, import many ready to use plugins like cross promotion, email marketing system, footstep system. 

Development road map:

Footstep system
use animation keyframe to trigger sounds matching the current texture 100%
Email marketing system
add one step before create user to ask for player email and collect them directly in mail chimp 100%
Cross promotion
Promote your other apps by downloading a json map from your webserver or dropbox 100%
Rewrite localization system
just started 100%
Simplify Sound system
just started 5%
Fishing Complete framework
Fishing games made easy 40%
Opsive Ultimate controller integration
just started 1%
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