GSF Framework

Based on GameSpark backend, complete solution to develop multiplayer mobile game.

Many Modules included

Drag and drop in your scene, delete the modules you don’t need & you are good to go !


Device authentication, register, login, facebook, wechat, qq …

Player Profile

Attach data to the profile, share it to other players publicly

User Details

User level information


Let your player compete with each other, have real time competition between them


Define goal and trigger easily how player can progress through them.

Remote Players

Let your player load their friend or enemies and attach Ai to simulate behaviour.

Character Creation

Let your players create their own characters with each one of them being different, attach character data like experience, items.


Allow Players to send mail with attachment to each other and even receive mails from npc.


Complete system which allow players to organize and communicate as clans or guilds. share clan data and update it together.

All Cloud Code included

many snippets of codes for each functions. Very clean, commented and optimized logic. Multiple tools & module to be reused easily.


All modules explained with example on how to tweak on modify to make the ultimate game you ever dreamed about.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you will receive all the source code for unity framework and you will be able to export a new slice of the development server. It is recommended to make export the slice on your own portal.

Following platform have been tested:

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Webgl

Yes, i’m taking feedback as much as possible and I try to implement most of what I found to be a good addition.

No. But i have been a user of their service for a very long time.

I will try as long as its related to GSF framework.

note that you can contact me by email and get responses very quickly.

there is also a discord channel open:

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