Gamespark Framework documentation:


As a player without clan:

  • Allow player to search for clan,
  • Find random clan when panel open
  • Visit public clan pages
  • Apply to join a clan
  • Create a clan

As a Clan Master:

  • See player application to join, accept or refuse
  • Kick players
  • Set message of the day
  • Invite Players
  • Promote players

ClanEventData: Define all event related to clan here so component can receive and send them using the dispatcher.

GsfClan: Core of the module allow to speaks to the server and receive response, then dispatch response to other subscribed components.

UiClan: Display a panel where you can access clan research and management.

UiClanRequestEntry: Data related to clan application.

UiPrivateClanMember: Ui representation of member of the clan.

UiPublicClanEntry: Ui representation of the clan’s public profile.

How can I set clan creation to require a cost?

The currency cost is already setup and optional, it can be accessed into your game properties. If set to 0 it will be handled as optional.